Thursday, 7 September 2017

You know when you're really excited to buy something from the shop. You convince your mum or dad to take you to the mall to buy it, but when you get home and you open it, it's not really as good as you thought.
 Have you ever ordered something online and felt like you waited an entire year before it arrived! Only to find it was the total wrong thing! Once I bought a fidget spinner online and I was waiting, and watching people spinning there fidget spinners! Weeks went by and then they turned into months…...All that waiting just to get a fidget spinner that wasn't what I ordered!
Don't get me wrong I like lots of the things that I buy, but most of the time, after a little while I get bored of them. So I guess what I am trying, to say toys don't make you happy for very long but people do.

Monday, 3 July 2017

Science journal 7

Science journal 7

This week for our second rotation I made a parachute it didn't work so well, when I dropped it, it flipped on its side. I think it was because I made a mistake, such as making the top of the parachute to small. I wonder if It
would work better if I didn't make a mistake? I think I am at multistructural because I have multiple ideas.

Monday, 26 June 2017

science journal

Science journal
30/5/2017 Week 1 slime.
I saw slime being poured down Mr Anderson’s back.
I think Mr Anderson probably hated being slimed because it looked cold, thick, and sticky. I wonder if we had put more water in the slime, whether or not it would be more runny. I think I am uni structural in gathering and interpreting because I have one idea.

Week 2 balloon rocket.
This week we experimented with balloon rockets. We used balloons, string, woollen string, and chairs. I saw the balloon zoom across the string. I think this was because the air was shooting out of the balloon.I wonder if we put more air in the balloon, whether it would go faster. I think I am unistructural because have one idea.

Week 3 balloon rocket.
This week we did the balloon rocket experiment again but this time we used fishing wire instead of the woollen string. I thought that it would work better because the fishing wire is made out of plastic and it has less friction . I am on pre-structural because I have zero idea’s.

If you are unsure of these meanings, you can look at the FORCES poster under the clock or look in my black inquiry book (Under the whiteboard).

Week 4 trebuchet
This week we did the trebuchet. I saw the ball go flying to the sandpit. I thought it wouldn't work so well because I thought roll out of the bag. I wonder what would happen if I put more weights in? I think I am at pre-structural.

Flying: Week 5
In week 5 we were learning about flight. Flying is
Observations, describe what you learnt
What did you wonder?
Where is learning on the gathering and inferring rubrics?

Science journal 6
Vortex wing

This week for our first rotation, Gabriella and I made a vortex wing. It didn't work for either of us. Gabriella originally thought it was because the weight wasn't even. I think it was because it wasn't that windy. I wonder if it would work if it was windy? I think I am at unistructural for gathering data because I have one idea on how to measure but am not sure if it is reliable. My learning is at multistructural for inferring because I can figure out what my observations mean.

Wednesday, 12 April 2017

If I was famous
If I was famous I would be famous at video games like minecraft and roblox. even Now I would be rich and famous I would still live in New Zealand with my family and friends. But the bad thing is it  be would be kind of  annoying for people to be up in my face
 taking photos and lights
flashing in my face from all the cameras and stuff.

Monday, 27 March 2017

I am a ice cream truck

I am an ice cream truck because I am crowded.

I am a skyscraper because I am big and tall.

I am a missing bag because I always get lost.

I am an apple because red is my favourite colour.

I am KFC because I am crispy.

I am a hoodie because it's my favourite piece of clothing.

Ko Amos ahau.