Thursday, 7 September 2017

You know when you're really excited to buy something from the shop. You convince your mum or dad to take you to the mall to buy it, but when you get home and you open it, it's not really as good as you thought.
 Have you ever ordered something online and felt like you waited an entire year before it arrived! Only to find it was the total wrong thing! Once I bought a fidget spinner online and I was waiting, and watching people spinning there fidget spinners! Weeks went by and then they turned into months…...All that waiting just to get a fidget spinner that wasn't what I ordered!
Don't get me wrong I like lots of the things that I buy, but most of the time, after a little while I get bored of them. So I guess what I am trying, to say toys don't make you happy for very long but people do.

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